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Emily Murray





bernedoodle puppies for sale

Emily fell in love with this precious boy when she first saw him on my website.  She was so excited that she texted me almost daily just to get updates and pictures.  Emily and her friend, Katherine,  drove halfway from New Jersey to pick up Diesel and she finally got to see what I had been telling her about.  Diesel is so calm and gentle and just stares into your eyes.  Emily loves the outdoors and wanted a dog that she could share her hobbies with.  These two will be inseparable I just know it.  I look forward to getting all of the pictures and stories that they will share on their new adventure together!!


The Bruns Family

Sheri and her daughter Alyssa, met my husband halfway to pick up Panda.  I was unable to meet her so I called the morning of the pickup just to make a connection with her.  I knew just by talking with her that she was a loving person and she assured me that Panda would be well taken care of.  Panda had stolen my heart from day one and I knew it would only be a matter of time before Sheri and her family would feel the same.   Panda will be an outstanding dog when she grows up and I hope that I will be able to visit her someday.  Sheri changed her name to "Maybelline" and I think that is perfect for her.  Maybelline is a Jersey girl now and we sure are missing her!!  Thank you Sheri and Alyssa for loving this precious girl who will be forever in our hearts.

The McBride Family

Carrie had been looking for the perfect puppy for her boys, so when she found "Sammy" she was bound and determined to  get her.  She had obstacles in her way but she pushed through them and found herself flying to Memphis to get her new puppy.  Sammy just barely made the height requirement, we all held our breath as she went through security.  Carrie gaves us a thumbs up and off they went!!

Carrie said that everyone loved her when she arrived back home in Colorado.  Carrie said Sammy was very smart because she immediately started loving on her husband.  She knew who to work!!!  Sammy has adjusted well and she finally has the family she deserves!!


Thank you Carrie for being such an awesome mom to your kids.  You went beyond the boundaries!!!

Saying Good Bye

The Konrath Family

The Konrath family were so gracious to meet me halfway to pick up their baby girl Tesla.  The smiles on their faces were priceless!

I guess that is the biggest reward out of doing what I do.  Just to see a family so excited to see the puppy that I raised till that moment, is worth a million.  The Konrath children were so respectful and everything I could ask for in a family for the puppy that I was about to entrust her life to.  I cried like a baby when they drove off, but they were happy tears.  It is always bitter sweet for me.  Thank you Konrath family for bringing her into your beautiful family.

The Ryder Family

Phil Ryder met up with me the same time I met the Konrath family.  They actually got to know each other before I made it into town.  My puppy's chariot awaited him to fly off to the new adventure of his lifetime.  I personally have not been fortunate enough to fly in one of these planes, but obviously my puppies are pretty special!!  His new family was anxiously awaiting for him back home along with his new big brother, Behr.  Behr is a beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog and they have become pretty good buddies.  Thank you Ryder family for adopting Henrik into your family.

The Caldwell Family

The Caldwell's made a last minute decision one Sunday morning as I was about to walk out the door to deliver a puppy to a family from Colorado. They made their decision and I snatched up our precious Mary Kate and off went we.  The Caldwell's were very accomodating and drove up from the Houston area and met me on my route.  They have since fallen in love with her and she has been renamed Browny.  I do believe she has a little hazel-eyed angel that is by her side constantly, what a great place to be.  Thank you Caldwell family for making Brownie one of your own.


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