When Albert was picked out of the litter by his new daddy, Daniel, he was quite a country puppy who loved romping around with his siblings outside where there are only sounds of an occasional dog barking in the distance, a horse whinny, or birds chirping.  Daniel knew Albert was the one as soon as he saw him. So a few weeks later, we loaded up Albert, and were off to Brooklyn, New York, where Daniel's girlfriend, Daphne, opened up her home for us to stay.  

Brooklyn was a whole new world for Albert and he was quite scared by all of the noises that he was not familiar with.  Sirens, garbage trucks, jack hammers, and honking horns are the norm for Brooklyn, but not for Albert.  His tail was tucked as we walked along the sidewalks trying to get him use to his new environment.  As day two approached, we were all a bit worried that it might be too much for our boy, but we had to persevere nonetheless.  We could see him thinking and analyzing everything and everyone on the street. Albert got to go to Daniel's office where he would be spending a large amount of his time. Daniel is a tailor and the owner of Bindle and Keep, where Albert would soon be a staple in the quaint studio where he would greet all of the new customers.  By that evening, I felt he was a little better than he was when we first arrived. He was quite playful and somewhat back to normal.

On day 3, Daniel and Albert met us at an awesome little cafe for breakfast.  I could tell Daniel was very concerned about Albert's well being, but I knew that they could press through this.  As we walked back to the apartment, this is where we would be saying goodbye.  I did not want Albert to see us separate from him, so as we were all walking down the sidewalk, we slipped behind a car as they continued walking.  I cried like a baby, but as we peeked around the car, Albert's tail was up in the air walking next to his new buddy.  He never looked back for us and as I turned on my camera, I was able to catch the last few steps he made before he walked out of our world and into his new one.

Baby and dog playing
Man kissing puppy
Man playing with puppy
Dog playing in snow
A man and his dog

Wouldn't this world be a wonderful place if we could love complete strangers, unconditionally, the moment we meet them.  Albert is giving this homeless man on the streets of Brooklyn, some much needed love and affection.  Thank you Albert for showing us what humanity is all about