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The Carlson's

Bernedoodle and family
Bernedoodle in Colorado

Not only did I get to meet this awesome couple, the Carlson's, but I had the pleasure of meeting Amber's parent's as well.  It was a very hot day and Benson was holding in all the heat!  We only got to visit for a short while but we have been in contact quite often talking about their new baby boy.  He has to be the fluffiest of the litter at the moment.  He was a fur ball when I last saw him and I think the Colorado weather is just what he needed.  I have the awesome opportunity to deliver one of his litter mates to a nearby city in Colorado and I can hardly contain myself to see Benson again.  Till we meet again sweet Benson, I can't wait for you to show off your new home to me.  Thank you Carlson family for taking on this fur baby!

Bernedoodle playing ball
Bernedoodle posing for pic

                  The Schnebley's




Colin met my daughters and I in Chicago to pick up Rennie.  The Reddinger's opened up their home for him to meet me while I was bringing both of their puppies to them.  We had a wonderful talk with Colin and I was making sure I had everything covered before he left to take Rennie to his forever home.  I was a mess when they drove off but it is always bitter sweet for us to say goodbye.  Rennie is very much part of the family now and his best friend is his new sibling "Mugsy".  As you can see they are inseparable.  He is loved very much and Megan told me that everyday they say how happy they are that they decided to add Rennie to their family.


two dogs and a horse
Two dogs running
Bernedoodle swimming
Two dogs running
Bernedoodle puppy
Bernedoodles posing
Bernedoodle and boy
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