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Lady holding pupp
man holding puppy


I am overjoyed to have Brian and Jenny as part of my family!  They both flew in from California and rented a car to drive back home with their precious Kodiak.  Brian flew in first to pick up Kodiak and Jenny had a later flight.  I believe it was love at first sight for both of them.  Everyone knows I love to put pictures of my families on my website, so when I heard that Brian was a photographer and was going to have photo shoots on the journey back home, I was thrilled.  What a beautiful couple the Kim's are and I do believe that Kodiak has brought his own flare to the family photo's.   His new name is Cody and I think that suits him just fine!  Welcome to the family Brian and Jenny, and thank you for taking over from here.





Please watch the video below.  It is when Jenny first saw Cody at the airport. 

From Memphis to L.A.

Lady kissing puppy
Man holding puppy over shoudlers
Lady and puppy by train
Woman holding puppy
Puppy on a leash
Lady holding puppy
Lady petting puppy
Lady and puppy
Lady and puppy
Lady holding American flag with puppy
Lady with a puppy
Man and a puppy
Puppy drinking water
Lady and puppy sitting in grass
Puppy drinking out of bowl
Lady and puppy
Lady with puppy
Puppy under train
Bernedoodle on man's shoulders
Lady walking puppy
Lady and puppy
Puppy in grass
Lady and puppy walking in street
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