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Why a Bernedoodle

Why breed the Bernese Mountain Dog to the Poodle?

Breeding the Bernese Mountain Dog to the Poodle will give the bernedoodle a lifespan of approximately 12-14 years.  The Poodle is on the top 10 list of healthiest dogs in the world.  Along with their non-shedding coat and being the most hypoallergenic breed, the poodle has become a favorite for the "hybrid dog".  There are many people who do not like the "designer dog",  but no one can deny that the  "hybrid dog"  is much healthier than the purebred. Why?  Because purebred dogs come with a list of inherited health problems.   Purebred dogs get their genetics from a narrow gene pull and inbreeding often occurs, then through generational breeding, the genes that cause disease are passed onto the offspring.  With hybrid dogs, this is much less likely to occur. This is due to “hybrid vigor,” which refers to the rigorous health and hardiness of animals from a wide and varied gene pool.  This does not mean that your "designer dog" is illness free, but the the incidence of hereditary disease has been lowered.

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  Bio-Sensory Stimulation

Bernedoodle posing for picture




Our Puppies will come to you with our guarantee that we have loved them with 100% of our hearts.   Your new bernedoodle puppy will bring you all the joy and love that you can handle.   Your new puppy will have been well socialized with our dogs, our cat, and possibly an occasional horse here on our farm along with our daily interaction with them.


We start the puppy out on the third day with Bio-Sensory stimulation.

There are 5 exercises that are used:  We handle each pup, once per day involving the following exercises: * Tactical stimulation (between toes) * Head held erect * Head pointed down * Supine position * Thermal stimulation.

These five exercises will produce neurological stimulation, which impact the neurological system by kicking it into action earlier than normally expected.  This will increase the capacity of it's performance growing up.

These are the benefits that have been noted on dogs who have been exposed to these Bio-Sensor stimulation exercises:

+ Improved cardio vascular performance (heart rate) + Stronger heart beats + Stronger adrenal glands + More tolerance to stress and + Greater resistance to disease.


Bernedoodle posing for picture
Bernedoodle sticking out his tongue
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