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Dog in living room

Ivy is our sable colored standard poodle.  Her pedigree is loaded with the champion Kit-Sue line. She is solid as a rock and has the kindest heart.  I have never had a dog that acts like a cat.  She cannot get close enough to you as she rubs her face and body past your leg.  Her temperment is exactly what one wants in a dog, calm, patient, and loving.  She is a great companion to us and our other dogs.  


AKC Registered


Ht 25"

Wt 60lbs

Hip/Elbow:good-approved by vet

Sire: OFA Hips-Good/8 certified offspring/OFA Hips Good



Animal Genetics-DM-n/selective breeding








Dog laying down

Ivy's Past Puppies

Goofy dog
Bernedoodle puppy
Puppy in yard
Bernedoodle puppy
girl and dog
Girl and puppy playing
Bernedoodle puppy
Puppy playing
Dog on grass
Dog sunbathing
Bernedoodle puppies for sale
Puppy posing for camera
Dog in snow
Dog in backseat of car
Dog sitting in front of Christmas tree
Dog on bed
Dog on couch
Dog on a bench
Dog in grass
Dog in living room
A man and his dog
Puppy in grass
A boy and his dog
Yawning dog
Dog in grass
Dog with toy
Puppy in grass
Dog in grass
Lady holding puppy
Puppy asleep in kitchen
Boy holding puppy
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