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Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog



Stassi is our beautiful tricolor, phantom, standard poodle. We are really blessed to have her.  She has become a mama's girl and has slept with me every night since we brought her home.  She is the peaceful one of the bunch.  She can run like the wind and loves leaving the others in their tracks.  Her sweet disposition has melted our hearts.


AKC Registered

Birthdate: 2/03/2013

OFA Hips-Fair

OFA Elbows-Normal

OFA Eyes-Normal

OFA Cardiac-Normal




Standard Poodle
Some of Stassi's Puppies
Dog in desert
Puppy on chair
Puppy in car
Puppy on chair
Beautiful dog
Puppy on bed
Puppy on bed
Puppy at vet
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